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Rev Jeremiah Barnes

THE LATE REV. JEREMIAH BARNES ---- The Rev. Jeremiah Barnes of Bentley Cottage, whose death was recorded in this day’s impression, was one of the oldest clergymen in the diocese of Lichfield. It is about 50 years since he first entered the diocese, when he was appointed the headmaster of the Grammar School at Leek, and curate of the parish church. After that he was promoted to the vicarage of Onecote, and was Rural Dean of Leek. About 20 years ago he came to reside at Bentley when he became vicar of Tissington, which incumbency he held for about seven years. During the whole of his ministry he has done much and useful work for the Church. Most of the influential inhabitants of Leek were under his tuition, and perhaps it is in great measure owing to his careful training and instruction that the present good church feeling prevails in the neighbourhood. Since his residence in Bentley, his one unceasing effort has been to improve the moral, religious and material welfare of its inhabitants, and to him the parish is indebted for the beautiful spire, the painted windows in the church, which need only to be seen to be admired, and the Lych Gate, together with many more very substantial proofs of his interest in the welfare of the parish. Anyone remembering what his property at Bentley was when he first entered upon it, and sees what it now is, will recognise the benefit he has conferred and the good example he has set.
Derby Mercury Wednesday 28 February 1883

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